Sedas dentales Vitis


Dental floss for hygiene between teeth and space between tooth and gum

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Vitis dental wires prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease by removing plaque from the interdental spaces and under the gum line.
Its multiple fibers open in fan with which a high drag capacity is achieved.
Ingredients: Microcrystalline wax.
Available dental floss:
- Vitis dental floss without wax.
- Vitis dental floss with wax. Comfortable cleaning because the wax facilitates sliding.
- Soft Vitis dental floss with wax, fluor and mint. Cleaning of delicate gums, prostheses, implants or orthodontics. The fluorine remineralizes the enamel and the mint leaves a pleasant freshness in the mouth.

1/ Cut 50 cm of Vitis dental floss.
2/ Roll part in one of the middle fingers and the rest in the other middle finger of the other hand leaving in the middle a piece of dental floss about 2-3 cm.
3/ Tense the dental floss using the thumb and forefinger, insert it between the teeth and make a saw movement.
When you reach the margin of the gum, you should bend the floss in C shape and slide it between the tooth and the gum until resistance is found.
4/ Repeat with the rest of the teeth changing the piece of silk as it gets dirty.

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